Howler's Head Wound

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Howlers Headwound

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The Bullets

!!!Shots Fired, Shots Fired!!!

Hi there, This is HOWLER. I brought you all here to tell you a little story, which, as luck (good or bad, you be the judge.) would have it happens to be a true story. If you have read the issues of the General letter from this website, or any of the GENLET material, You may have enjoyed some of the funny things I have written that Buster is always saying. In One issue, Much to Buster's dismay, I made repeated reference of his name in association with things of a fecal nature. I evidently misjudged the level of Busters angrification.

I never dreamed that one day he might, well, let's say,,,Um, shoot me in my god damn forehead, for instance.

Buster, an avid gun buff, and a fair marksman has a small gun collection. We used to have our own makeshift shooting range where we worked. I once watched Buster empty 18 shots from his tech nine into a 2" circle, from about 30 feet. He only missed that circle twice. One day at lunch he decided he would get in a few practice shots with his .380. I took up an observation position, behind him, about 5 feet back and 3 feet to his right. Buster squeezed off three shots that day with about 5 seconds between each shot. I will describe each shot in slow motion for you.

I heard a noise to my right immediately after the first shot. Wondering what that might have been, I leaned down and to my left, directly into the ricochet path of the second bullet. I had just returned my eye to the target for the second shot and I watched this one in super slow mo as it came back from the target to catch me an inch and a half above my left eye. It was absolutely, hands down, the coolest thing I have ever seen - what with the stars and birdies and all.

Buster's ear plugs prevented him from hearing me screaming like a little school girl with a skinned knee. And he fired his third shot. This one bounced back and hit old Buster right on his trigger finger.

He turned around shaking his hand only to find me kneeling on the ground applying pressure to my head wound - still cussing at him to quit firing. He asked me if I was all right, "You tell me," I said as I uncovered the wound. A big gush of blood rolled down my face and dripped off my chin. I got a little scared when Buster's eyes widened and his face went pale. He asked me again if I was all right. "I don't know man," I said, "I've never been shot in the head before." You know, I've never felt more like a hillbilly in my entire life than I did right then.

I survived the incident with a rather smallish hole in my brain pan. While pressuring my wound, I found it funny that all I could think was Buster should have his finger looked at. The bleeding in my head soon stopped and we immediately got my camera for a snap shot.

We had begun to laugh at the incident already. I was helping Buster put a splint on his finger and he yelped in pain at one point. I said I was sorry and he said, "Don't apologize to me, Dick, I just shot you in the head."

Neither of us wanted to go to the hospital as for some reason, bullet holes seem to attract the police. But I make a mean compress and my wound seemed to heal rather well. As a result of this incident though, my third eye has gone a bit google.

See a picture of the gun that shot Howler in CD's safe.

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