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Here is a wee little story designed to relay the message that there are always options in life and choices that need to be made in order to get through it successfully. Maybe it will convey these ideas in crystal clear format. It is very liely though that it will not do so and only leave you with more qustions. My hope is that it at least makes you chuckle for a second or two.


Life Proceeds, it seems to me with no need for my leave, in gargantuan sized leaps and bounds – as if upon some predetermined course unknown to me. Now I have been of a mind for many a year that my life was under my sole control. That I would dictate that direction – plottin my own course, and at its end would I find me in a place of my own choice. To a degree, that very well may still be true but it occurs to me that there are places in life where there are other forces, elements that might take hold, and life makes a furtive attempt to go its own way.
If you picture life like a rolling tire on a hilly road As you crest each hill that tire sees  a  vast expanse of terrain ahead of it. It often seems to get excited for the adventure.  As it starts it’s decent into the next valley more often then not it will attempt to jump away from you in an effort to get on with the getting on.

At this point you have yourself two choices. You can, One – pick up your own pace and race along step for step with that tire plodding along in life quick as you please. You might have yourself a great time of it – A grand and exciting adventure. It also occurs to me that you might just miss a whole bunch of stuff along the way as you go running by.

Your second choice there imight be to rein life in, and reach out there and slow that tire down. Careful not to let it get to far ahead.  That way you force life to keep pace with you and you move along at an ever steady pace, calm and collected and taking the time to make good strong decisions You can have yourself a grand time of it as well, this way. You’ll find there is adventure aplenty on this course as well and maybe a little less of the stress involved.

Truth to tell? I can’t adequately define where as one of them  options is any better than the other. I mean to say that both choices are a journey and each of ‘em culminates in a destination. I reckon it all depends on what kind of person a body is to determine which of them options suits ‘em best. No matter which choice is made each of them options will have a story at the end – and I do love me a good story.

As for me though, I’m another sort – a different breed. The average man would do alright by making one of them two choices I relayed. He’d have himself a fair chance at a good life from it all, but neither one of them choices is for me. I make my mind in an area somewhere right betwixt the two.
You see, I reach the top of that hill, and when the tire gets a glimpse of all that vast terrain ahead of it, well I see it all too. And I must admit here that in my younger days, one of them two choices might have been my want – been more appealing as it were.  Now a dayz I feel there is for me, a choice numbered three.

You see I ain’t much for running so I can’t rightly try to race alongside the tire as it makes its way down the hill. Just as well, I ain’t much of a fighter and would not fancy wrestling with that tire all the way down either. Now standing there on top of that hill when that tire starts to go, well, I am the sort to reach out there and kick that tire in the ass to send it on its way. I may stand and watch it roll a bit for the excitement in it but then I’ll proceed at a casual pace as I make my ways down that hill alone. A nice easy pace enjoying my peace of mind and the scenery as I go about it. As for that tire, well, I always catch up to it eventually.

When I find it there is usually someone standing around wondering where in hell it came from. And that person who most recently had a run in with my wildly out of control tire, well they usually have a story to tell. And like I said, I do love me a good story.

More often than not that person winds up being a better teller of tales than even I myself. I mean to say I like to spin out a story, mind you, but I’ve been talking for a time here and I can’t rightly recall whether I was trying to say that life was supposed to be that bumpy road, or if life was supposed to be that rolling tire.

It’s probably not all that important as long as you enjoyed the journey.



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