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* The Lessons of Beego *

Beego was a young wolf cub,

his fur was a shiny grey.

He hoped he'd never grow up old

he loved to run and play.

Beego played most every day,

his lessons he ignored,

when Mom and Pop would make him learn

he'd very soon get bored.

When Mom and Pop would look away,

well out the door he'd roam.

He knew he'd be in trouble too,

as soon as he got home.

"You have to learn," His Pop would say,

and Mom would say,"Pop's right!

One day you'll wish you would have learned,

now come kiss us goodnight."

You see Beego thought he knew it all,

as little ones are prone,

and maybe Mom & Pop would play,

if they but had not grown.

Every time he found the chance

Beego would run away.

He'd sneak by Mom, and sneak by Pop,

and off he'd go to play.

Sometimes he'd play with other cubs,

but he mostly played alone,

because other cubs had studies too,

and they would be at home.

One day Beego was very bored,

so he snuck out of the house,

and while he was out wandering,

he saw a spotted mouse.


"What are you," is what Beego said,

to the mouse upon the path.

It said, "My but your a dumb wolf cub,"

and the mouse began to laugh.

Now beego was not dumb at all,

he just had never learned,

and the mouse made Beego oh so mad,

his ears began to burn.

He chased the mouse a long long way

but the mouse was just to quick,

and finally Beego had to stop,

for he thought he might get sick.

Beego sat to rest a while,

he was still a little mad,

that spotted thing had called him dumb,

and made him rather sad.

Beego thought if he'd caught that thing

he would have made it pay,

and that's when Beego realized,

that he had lost his way.

He'd never been so far from home,

he just had never dared,

but Beego thought he knew it all,

so he wasn't very scared.

About that time, out of the woods,

hopped something gray and slim,

with a bushy tail and big long ears,

and near as big as him.

Beego did not know what it was,

because he did not do his lessons,

but if he had, he would have known,

it was a rabbit without guessin',


The rabbit was a little scared,

when he saw Beego there.

"What are you," said Beego, and

it answered, "I'm a hare."

"Why are you so scared of me,"

asked Beego in dismay.

"Wolves would eat me," said the hare,

"for that is a wolf's way."

Beego sniffed him then he said,

"Pop's brought you home to eat."

"Not me," Hare said, "but one like me,

and you used them for their meat."

"Then I must eat you," Beego said,

"It's my nature don't you see?"

The Hare said, "Maybe in a couple years,

but your to small to meal on me.

Perhaps you should just run on home,

and do your lessons there."

But Beego thought he knew it all,

and attacked the long eared hare.

Well the Rabbit kicked him on his nose,

and left it rather sore.

Beego cried and sneezed three times'

and then he cried some more.

"Why did you do that?" he whined,

"I'm a wolf, it is not wrong."

The rabbit said," you must earn your meal,

and you are not yet strong."

Well Beego thought He'd had enough,

as tears flowed from his eyes,

and the rabbit simply hopped away,

and left him there to cry.


Beego sat and cried a while,

his little nose still hurt,

that's when he heard another sound,

which brought him full alert.

He saw something with pointed ears,

with whiskers and big teeth.

It had brown fur with spots of black,

and sharp claws upon its feet.

Beego said, "And now what are you,

I can tell your not a hare,

and why do you sneak up on me,

pretending your not there?"

The thing replied, "No, I'm not a hare,

I'm a Bobcat if you please."

The Bobcat laughed and Beego thought,

That he was being teased.

Beego said, "Well I'm a wolf,

am I supposed to eat you too?"

"If you were grown," the Bobcat laughed,

"Perhaps that might be true."

"Well," said Beego, "may I call you Bob,

I would love to stay and play,

but I must be going home you see,

for I've been away all day."

"Oh, do please stay, "said Bob the cat,

"Oh, stay and play one game.

No ones played with me all day,

now, do tell me your name."

"My name is Beego," Beego said,

"But I guess It's just to bad,

you see I skipped out on my lessons,

and Mom and Pop will be so mad."


"Oh, that is to bad," said Bob the cat,

"You will do fine I feel,

for we're going to play survival games,

and you shall play my meal."

Now Beego was not dumb at all,

he just didn't try to learn,

and fear now set upon him quick,

and made his stomach churn.

As Bob the cat came closer,

with hunger in his eyes,

Beego cried a howl of fear,

to the moon up in the skies.

Two howls came back to answer,

and Bobcat heard them too.

The howls were getting closer,

and he wondered what to do.

"That's Mom and Pop," Beego said,

"and their sounding very mad,

I don't think they'll let me play tonight,

all though it makes you sad."

"Oh drats," said Bob, "I'd better go,

their anger sounds so hot."

Beego said, "Perhaps we'll play again someday,

but I hope that we do not."

So Bobcat ran into the woods,

and yelled back his goodbyes.

That's just when Mom and Pop ran up,

their fear showed in their eyes.

They kissed their son and scolded him,

for filling them with fears.

They knew they'd almost lost him,

and were happy now to tears.


They took him home and heard his tale

and as soon as he was fed,

They lectured him on running off

and sent him off to bed.

The next day Beego woke right up,

and when he'd finished dressin',

He got his books and sat right down,

and happily did his lessons.


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