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* From Hunter to the Prey *

The dreaded sun at last gives way,

and the moon climbs to the sky.

I'm pulled from sleepless slumber,

with hungers darkness nigh.

Ten thousand heartbeats,

In the naked city streets,

Each one of them calls out to me

As the suns last ray depletes.

The night offers her welcome,

As I prowl into her grace.

I walk in silent shadows,

And pallid is my face.

This city seems to resonate,

With heartbeats everywhere,

I step beneath a pale streetlight,

And watch them unaware.

And my hunger so apparent,

To show in every move,

And just the taste upon my lips,

I know would pressures soothe.

I search heartbeats before me,

To find the strongest source,

I bathe within the hunger,

My conscience, I divorce.

My eyes survey the multitudes,

Who pass me now in crowds,

And they fell upon a maiden,

Who walked alone and proud.

Something odd in manner,

She moved with supple grace,

Passed me by without a glance,

And I quietly gave chase.

She turned at the next corner,

On a dark and barren street,

I moved in silent whispers,

Despite my growing heat.

I shook anticipation,

As she stood there so still,

I quick taste of emotion,

But I never make the kill.

She stopped beneath an awning,

In darkness seemed to wait.

I spun her round and held her strong,

To deal her out her fate.

I stared then deep into her eyes,

To place her in my hold,

And lost myself in mystery,

That depthless eyes foretold.

I came to realization,

As I made the bite past due,

I never had expected,

That she'd lean to bite me too.


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