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The Following is a strange bit of comedy brewed fresh from a warped mind.

Somewhere out there in this big old world I am sure there is a life what misses me.
There's lots of places I used to go in which now someone else is going.
Takin my spot as it were.
Drinkin my coffee and jokin with folks
what ain't the friends I used to know when I went there.
The jokes most likely ain't near as funny as ones
I mighta said were I there to say em.
Imma right funny man when I set my mind again' it
and I jez cain't much imagine them folks enjoyin this other fellers jokes
near quite as much as they might my own.
But, I reckon these folk don't know much about me,
beins how they ain't the friends I used to know.
So I'm guessin this feller does alright amuzin these folk
given they don't know what their missin with me not being there and all.
They prolly think this here feller is a hoot and a god damn holler
all about his jokes and thangs,
so, I don't guess I'm mad at this feller none.
Man's just doin his part to entertain folks best he can, I spoze.
He don't mean no harm.
Matter of fact,
it occurs to me,
this feller and I might make right good friends
waz we to ever make acquaintance.
I reckon I might get over this fellers attempts at jocularity in a social situation.
I recon he might make me chuckle here and there,
and who knows,,,
I might could teach this man a thing or two about funny.
My being so well versed when it comes to funny,
that is to say.
Yup! Me and funny go way back.

4 - 23 - 06

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