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A Very GoodBook
called 'Wicked'

I am reading a very good Book.

It is called Wicked. I do not know the authors name. There is more to the title of this book but I do not remember it. I wish I could tell you these things or right them down for you here but this book I am reading is upstairs in the bathroom. That is where I am reading it when I am reading it. My life dictates that the only time I have time to read is when I am in the bathroom. Using the bathroom.

So I only read books when I am having a crap. It's peaceful in the bathroom when I am having a crap. I find it very conducive to the reading of books. At any rate I am really enjoying the reading of this book. Called Wicked. What I do not know the authors name nor the more part of the title. I find it is most apparent that I am reading a very good book because through out the day I find myself wishing that I had to crap more.

Sometimes I have a chance to read this book late at night. In the event that I am unable to sleep. I will sneak off to the bathroom and take my seat. I will sit and read with ankled jammys. Not that I necessarily have to crap at that hour but one never knows. Were it to happen on it's own, I would be ready.

Unfortunately for me I am only filled with a finite amount of crap. Thus, there are choice few sessions in a day where I find myself reading this very good book. Twice a day on average I suspect. Double to triple that if I have eaten chili for dinner the previous night.

I am especially happy about reading today. I, in fact, did have Chili for dinner last night.

This book called wicked, what is a very good book, is all about the wicked which of the west. You may remember her from the story of the Wizard of Oz. Another book of which I do not know the name of the author. This story begins many years A.D.. That is to say, 'Afore Dorothy'. It speaks of the birth of our dear wicked witch afore the whole wicked thing took place.

It speaks of the circumstances of her odd birth with green skin and fear of water. It tells of her childhood and family life and her teenaged schooling years. The hardships of tyranny and subversive actions of a revolutionary. It tells of the road to both wickedness and witchery. And finally tells of the child Dorothy who arrives abruptly to end the life of our protagonists sister.

I am not finished with this book as yet. I believe I am done reading for the day. I should be finished with this book by tomorrow. I am going to have chili for dinner again tonight.

CHECK OUT THIS BOOK I promise, you will want to crap. If you are given to reading on the toilet, that is. When you are crapping, that is.

This review is a JestaFreak production.

6 - 26 - 03

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